Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hey. I know it's been awhile. I'm making something for you right now. I guess even when you've seen your death you have to study for finals. It was funny, for awhile there after the breakdown, I forgot everything, I mean it was there, in the back of my mind, but I didn't think about it. I concentrated on studying and even the nightmares stopped. For awhile.

I suppose he doesn't like being forgotten, as soon as he had a chance he was back. Everything I learned, the things I shouldn't have forgotten, they came back. I had to face the facts: I'm either crazy or I'm going to die. Neither of those sounds like a great thing but I have no choice, right?

I won't make the mistake of telling anyone near to me again. They forget or disappear. I suppose that doesn't bode well for you, but you've been watching this whole time. It's too late anyhow.

I'm making a video for you, there are too many pictures to just post.

And hey, new picture. Someone please tell me this one's safe. I haven't seen anything in it yet.


  1. Well, we're not exactly "close" to you, are we? I mean, we've been talking to you, but, aside from what you post, we don't know anything about you. I know that a few of us have worked with other people in your situation, myself included, and we're still here. So don't worry, we won't be going anywhere. And I can only see a double rainbow in your picture.

    But, what do you mean by "seen your death"?

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  3. Sorry, I deleted my last comment because I wanted to add something and not doublepost. Looks like I failed at that.
    What I wanted to say is: Welcome back, I was worried for you.
    Also, re: the picture. "ithinkineedadoctor.jpg" is an odd title for such a lovely, vibrant picture.
    Just my two cents.

  4. Could you post a link to the picture? I can't get it.
    BTW welcome back and be safe. We all are going to be worried about you, connected or not.

  5. He's there, drawn in the sand. Sorry.

  6. Hey prism. Good to know you're back. And it seems as if you found your way to cope with the situation.
    Concerning your picture, I don't think there's anything to worry about. Yeah, I can see that there seems to be something drawn in the sand. But it's very faint, and I think that would be over-interpreting things.
    You said you won't tell anyone near you, because they forget or disappear... What did you mean by that, did someone actually disappear or forget what you told him/her? I'm sorry if that is an inappropriate question, but it really worried me.


  7. Nope, I am positive that what's in the sand is bad. Sorry Prism. I'll fight with you and try to get you through this. Don't worry about us, worry about yourself. I think it's a poorly drawn stick figure in the sand, implying slenderman. That's my prediction.

  8. I'm putting this comment here in the hopes that you, Prism, get it and that you're still okay.

    My name is Zeke Strahm, and I'm a detective. About three and a half months ago, I started working a case involving teenagers that were kidnapped or had gone missing. People tried to convince me it was Slender Man, but I refused to listen. Then last month, he came and killed my partner, and began stalking me.

    I'm not joking, I'm not a troll or a random internet freak. I'm a victim; just like you.

    Here's my message: Hold on just a little longer. Fight him as long as you can. I'm going to try and do everything I can on my end. You just need to hold on, and don't give up.

  9. Also, to help Zeke make his point, here is a link to his blog:
    I just want to help him prove it, and you to understand. I follow both of you guys and want to make sure nothing happens to either of you.

  10. This is so awesome and you have no idea.


  11. I'm a bit late to the party, but I wish you the best of luck in your... slender affliction.

    Also: is the little dip in the sand some kind of ridge? It could either be a ridge, or someone's being drawing things in the sand.

  12. Where's this picture you posted?

  13. It's at the top of the screen.

  14. OHHH it's a new banner. Don't judge me. :]