Thursday, August 19, 2010

jet lag

Video's that freeze and stop working. Static. Pictures won't scan. HE'S watching too.

I spoke, My mother, she listened. I had to go "visit" my aunt for two months.

I was hoping.... Maybe it would be a good thing. Maybe if I went far enough away he couldn't follow. The only time I felt safe was in the air. Too high up, nowhere for him to hide.

Fuck. I live in Washington, I traveled to fucking North Carolina and he was there that first night. The trees. A line of trees just outside the property line a full forest. I saw him there from my window every night. Sometimes he didn't even bother to stay in the trees.

What does he want? Why does he want me?

I can't help but feel like he want's me to do something. I just try to stay away I don't want to hear it. I don't want to see.

But he wouldn't let me burn them. He wants me to see them and him.
I want to bring the camera out. I want to get the proof. The real proof. Not the pictures and drawings and scribbles stashed away in my drawer.

But when I pick up the camera it doesn't feel right.


  1. I live in North Carolina. Freaky.

    A question: Have you been drawing a lot recently, or maybe just scribbling in a notebook?

  2. Just a little bit.

    I mean.

    I don't know. I get this urge to scribble little things and drawings sometimes. I put them in this drawer I have by my bed. I don't like to look at them.

  3. Dearie, you are afflicted most dangerously. In need of help and I may help you. But little can be done if you hold back.

    Repression will not work forever.

  4. I know this'll be hard to do, but could you show us what you've drawn? It might give us some insight that we can use to help you.

  5. Welcome back at least. I too have found a lot of problems involving him, but not the real him, if there is one.

    Nevertheless, if he isn't doing anything to hurt you at this point, it may be best to ignore him for a bit. But eventually, you will have to use the camera.

  6. Don't use the camera, Prism, that is what he wants you to do. He can move if you watch him through the camera, but he can't if you watch him with...well, your eyes.

    I know it may be hard, but you need to run. Right now, before peopel start dying. It's impressive that no one has as of yet. Stay up high, keep your eyes open, and you'll be safe.

    There are others like you.

  7. I am enraged Plague Doctor. This poor girl...