Saturday, May 22, 2010


Still feeling ow but not so bad now. Ugh. I just have to tell you about this freaky ass dream I had whilst napping.

Also: No I did not nap from the last post till now. I just woke up from my fifth nap today or something. many short naps.

Anyway, back to freaky ass dream: I was alone in my room and it was dark outside, I always close my curtains before I sleep at night because I'm paranoid, but the curtains were gone.

In front of my window I usually have two noisy birds, but now I realize the only things in my room are my bed and me. So I'm freaking out and suddenly the door opens and its HIM. My imaginary friend.

He was taller than I remembered, but at this point I was suddenly 6 years old again because y'know, it's a dream and dreams do that. All I really see are his long arms and long fingers and his legs.

I think he asked me to dance or something, but I don't really remember. I also keep drawing blanks when I try to think of his face. Well, whatever. So we start dancing, a waltz or something, I don't really know I've never really danced before. Then my mom walks in and smiles and says 'he's back' then he gets up and reaches for her and I just KNOW he's going to rip her open. His long arms kinda split opne and were all tentacle-ey.

I just screamed, and I guess I was really screaming out loud because a couple seconds later I woke up to scratches on my arms. Apparently the kittens my cat recently had were sleeping by my arms and freaked out when I started screaming.

I don't know, it was pretty freaky. I had to write it down now before I forgot it. Actually, looking up I've already forgotten most of it and the details seem new to me =P Dreams are weird. I think the freaky 'tearing my mother apart' part was because of the plague doctors...god they scare me so much. Why did I try to get over my fears yesterday? It just brought me nightmares mixed with my good ol' suited imaginary friend.

When consciousness fades and you fall asleep
the brain does play, the mind falls deep
and as you lay in deep deep sleep
to the clouds you can leap
or stab a knife and watch blood seep
watch and know you will not weep
for the life you just did reap
and see as your body does creep
and you stalk without a peep
for you know that talk is cheap
when you have a life to reap
and only a faint and distant beep
will bring you out of a deep dark sleep
and you can forget the lives you did reap

ooooh how fun! What is with all this creepy poetry, does my subconscious think that making it creepy makes it good? because it doesn't, obviously >.>

Today's color:
WHITE 8D Invisibility bitches XD


  1. Uh oh...luv, if your imaginary buddy pops in for another visit, I'd turn and run as fast as you can.

    He's not someone you want to be friends with.

  2. Okay Slick, I'm gonna stop you right there. I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about but that's just a myth, so don't even bring it up. It must be so annoying having a blog these days, and the moment you even mention tall people or suits 'lol slenderman'.

    And hey, don't worry about the creepy poetry. It just means you're getting out those bad emotions and energies.

  3. Sure hope you're right for her sake, brother.

  4. ? I don't really know what you're talking about, but really he's just an old imaginary friend. I get easily obsessed with things, so I'll probably keep talking about him for another week then totally forget about it again. Really he's just imaginary, people on the internet get so weird sometimes XD

  5. I'm the same way Prism, so I know what you mean.

    Don't worry about Slick, he's just thinking of some dumb internet myth that because a bit of a meme. A lot of people tell stories with it through blogs, so anytime anything similar to it shows up, people seem to assume it's just a story.

    Of course, since the guy in the myth is tall and wears a suit, that can get annoying I'm sure.