Sunday, May 16, 2010


Why can I never think of a title?

SO TODAY I kept clicking on links and they would somehow ALWAYS LEAD ME TO PLAGUE DOCTOR'S not like every link I clicked lead me to the same picture or anything, that'd be way freaky, but an astounding amount of links have lead to them today.

The problem with this? They terrify me. Like, google imaging them and trying to look through makes me almost cry and I have to click away in like 20 seconds. I can't stand them

In other news, my dear best friend is already hung up on a guy after breaking up with her boyfriend (she says it's more like she's allowed to like him now) I ask her who. She tells me to guess. This is one of the single most enraging things on my list of things that enrage me. HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHY?!?!?! No, just tell me, or at least give an obvious hint, making me guess makes me feel like a retard if I guess wrong. I hate it so ridiculously much. Of course once she finally tells me my guess is correct.

Anyway the guy she likes is the one that is trying to set me and Matt up. weirdo's. But in any case he's also the guy that told her SHE needed to have sex with Matt even though she had a boyfriend. To which he replied 'So? just because you have a boyfriend doesn't mean you can't bone another guy. I've done it' which despite making me laugh because it sounded like he was gay, also made me not trust him.

I also have a tiny crush on him, but I'm never one to act on those things (which may explain the singular boyfriend I broke up with in, like, two months out of annoyance) plus she declared like first and she talks to him all the time. I'd have to turn him down even if he declared his love for me tomorrow. Plus I don't trust him.....

HOLY FUCKING SHIT 2, that random poem from yesterday seems so....incriminating now. Stupid future-telling poems >.>

Todays poem:
Once upon a time
When Prism was but a small girl
somewhere younger than nine
She had a best friend; face whiter than a pearl
He was always well dressed
going to a wedding?
Her only friend; he was the best
Or was it to a funeral he was heading?
She wishes he'd come back
She'd hug his suit so black

That was so epically horrible, it puts my imaginary friend to shame. I do so miss him. It was weird about him, he'd never come inside unless I was using a camera or something. Otherwise we'd always play outside XD He was a pretty cool dude I guess, I don't remember much about him =P

Today's color:
Slate Gray


  1. He's sounds familar..... I think I had an imaginary friend like that...

  2. ....sounds incredibly like Slendy, poor you.

    1. I agree poor u I hope he.dont come back but he.always dose so good luck