Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yup, well, just for the record, this morning post counts as last nights or some shit. I don't care.
I just got back from some orchestra thing my friends were in, which was boring except for the part where they played 'don't stop believing'

So, I'm awaiting the receival of my embarrassment still. Look forward to that, I guess >.>

Yes, other than that I guess I'll reply to the previous comment: I looked up slender-man on google images and it honestly chilled me to the bone. Really freaked me out (almost as bad as plague doctors) I'd rather not try to look up 'marble hornets' on Youtube if it has anything to do with HIM.

I don't know why but he seems so creepily familiar, like the face that watched me, I think it was faceless now. I was being watched by a faceless face?

Well, I seriously need to sleep. Poem:

Did you think you could fade away?
You don't have to go
Believe me, you can stay!

Telling them all you had to go
Me, pretending they were lies
About time for me to know

Him, you, they are the same
Could you listen for a moment?
Help end this viscous game

This horrible circling lie
At any moment could become truth
All of it for nigh

There it is, still horrible. I'll maybe try to be better tomorrow -yawns- but for now, bed. And hopefully no Nightmares =P

Today's color:
Pale Violet Red4


  1. You know, throwing in those secret phrases in all your poems doesn't help me at all.

  2. She doesn't (didn't...) know what she's writing though.