Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Why didn't I just press capslock? My finger actually slipped off of the shift key twice writing that.

YES. WELL..... anyway yesterday I was in a lip singing contest and it was thoroughly embarrassing... let' just say I was butterfree and the pokemon theme song was involved >.>

IN OTHER MORE EXCITING NEWS: My mom also had no idea that I even had an imaginary friend and it's not like I could find pictures of him, right? So I'm left here wondering what exactly he was like. I think he was bald, honestly. I can't really remember his face. We used to dance you know.

oookay, random but whatever. Jesus christ supertar This post is boring, I'll end my misery here and get on with the poem =P

darker than the black of nIght
and WhIter than the stars
no other coLors grace his presence
untouched is he
by even gray
the perfection of the bLack Suit
and the flawlEssnEss of the white shirt
he holds no colors in his heart
as he holds no love for life
meet with HIM and i SO fear
i'll nOt see you again this Night

wow, weird capitalization. Shift finger kept slipping and being a general weirdo, but I left it because I'm LAZY!

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