Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm really hating these nightmares. I mean all I really remember is that white face. It's so....creepy. And to top it off, I apparently forgot to close my curtains last night (which is weird because I'm so over-dramatically paranoid about them, especially now)and I had to get up and close them in the middle of the night. I swear I saw something moving behind the trees in the field across the street, but it was just an animal.....right? ;_; Nightmares suck.

I think I'll be changing my picture son, that (X) thing is starting to unsettle me. How did it get there anyway? New picture tomorrow maybe =/

In other news, the lip singing contest refuses to upload on youtube for whatever reason for my friend, so it looks like I'll be doing that. Extreme annoyance there but whatever.


when darkness does fall
and I Have closed my eyes
what I've Seen are all just lies
I can hear Him call

In the darkest time
The lies from winds so wild
As they twist through Trees like a child
their whispers are a crime

so as I lie
with wind whipping outside
and window open wide
"Help Me" I quietly cry

Meh, not really liking this one. =P Not my best for sure, but whatever, I've been exhausting my poor creative juices with all this poetry. You'll just have to deal with bad poems sometimes.

Today's color:
Gray 0


  1. Oh if you havn't gone to youtube yet or when you get the time, check out these series of videos called marble hornets. Might be interesting to you.

  2. Or look up the name Slender Man. There might be a connection between this and your imaginary friend.

  3. "I Have Seen Him In The Trees Help Me"
    Thats not good...