Friday, May 14, 2010


My best friend's boyfriend just broke up with her. He's such a douche. I mean seriously, telling her he loves her and they need to hang out more before bad and then the next day before school breaking up with her because they don't hang out enough. Seriously what the fuck?

Well whatever, she wasn't really sad, just pissed all day and acted pretty good, it's when she tried to say it out loud that she was sad.

In other news I was the victim of Blake today. He's such a weirdo, he jokes a lot about stupid stuff and he took my pen and wouldn't give it back until I did him sexual favors. No, I did not do any sexual favors in math class, or ever for him. I told my best friend to let him draw a penis on her arm with it which counted, so I got my pen back. He's such a weirdo.

Then he and my best friend were telling me I needed to have babies with Matt because....we're perfect for each other? I don't even like the kid, but they are so sure. Ericka just wants me to have his babies because he makes a weird face when he tries to look at things that are far away and want to take my 'squinty eyed Matt babies' for her own.

Why is she my best friend? Whatever, I have goddamn mud pie ice cream to eat bitches. FUCK YES.

Fuck yes oh my god
Mud pie ice cream is so good
chocolate plus chocolate

Yes. Haiku. deal with it.

Today's color:
Firebrick 3

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