Sunday, May 23, 2010


Nightmares suck. Two in a row? Really? I may as well just toss the dream catcher out, and the thing has been working so well for years. -_-

Really, I don't remember much, just waking up with my curtains open and seeing this really pale face looking at me, don't really remember what the face looked like, if anything. Gaddamn nightmares -grumble grumble grumble-

At least I didn't scream and get my arms scratched to pieces by the evil incarnate.

Evil Incarnate here =3

Or, then again, I have no idea which of the 6 it was, the next likely candidate is, of course the floofiest one.

Nearly as evil as the evil incarnate =3

Posting early because, well honestly it's Sunday and the dream is going to be the only interesting part of my day and I'll probably forget it later. I will be posting the lip-singing video later, despite my embarrassment, but it isn't uploaded to youtube yet, and knowing my friends it won't be uploaded until midnight or something >.> Or she'll send it to me and tell ME to upload it because 'she doesn't know how/doesn't feel like it being on her account'

Honestly annoying in my opinion.


A scratching noise from the closet door
a bump sounding from under my bed
In my mind creatures of lore
I say to my ears it's all in my head

The sound of breathing not my own
and claws rapping on the ground
I roll over with a groan
To deny the horrible sound

But I sit up with a start
as I stare at the face
and the pounding of my heart
I've already given up the chase

The teeth, the eyes, the claws, it's horrible breath!
I know what I'm seeing is surely my death!

Well, that's that I suppose. Nothing more, nothing less. Look forward to me embarrassing myself later today >.>

Today's color:
Medium Purple


  1. Say, what is that (X) symbol on your rainbow mean? Well, regardless of what you think it is, it isn't something you want there. Just trust me on that.

  2. (X) symbol on my rainbow? huh, didn't notice that before =P I forget where I got the picture, maybe I should change it?

  3. I'd change it to something, and least make it a rainbow that doesn't have THAT on it.

  4. Stop it, guys. It's just a symbol, for god/satan/flying spaghetti monster/atheismo's sake! Whoever made that picture probably just put it in for gits and shiggles messing with people like you two.

    I wouldn't change it. I like the picture, and the symbol itself is pretty cool anyway. Although if it leads to more people like Slick & Eli bugging you about it...